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You're Joe's Boy, Ain't Ya?: Life's Lessons for Living, Loving & Leading

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Summer Programs. Our Faculty. Academic Calendars. Annapolis Expand. Explore Annapolis. Career Services. The Mitchell Gallery. Santa Fe Expand. Explore Santa Fe. Jimmy Dix : Yeah, cars're gettin' too hard to steal. Joe Hallenbeck : You ever wear, like, a little cowboy hat? Maybe I could take your daughter out. What's she like?

Joe Hallenbeck : She's like thirteen years old, and if you even look at her funny, I'm gonna stick an umbrella up your ass and open it. Joe Hallenbeck : Where are you goin'? Jimmy Dix : To the bathroom, okay. You wanna come? The doc said I shouldn't lift anything heavy. Joe Hallenbeck : No, I'll pass. Joe Hallenbeck : Leather pants.

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Jimmy Dix : Yeah. Joe Hallenbeck : What's something like that run? Jimmy Dix : Six-fifty. Joe Hallenbeck : Six hundred and fifty dollars? Joe Hallenbeck : They're pants. Joe Hallenbeck : You wear them? Jimmy Dix : YES. Joe Hallenbeck : They don't, like, have a TV in them or something? Jimmy Dix : Nope. Joe Hallenbeck : I am very old. Jimmy Dix : Hey, man. You ever play ball? You've got a good build. Joe Hallenbeck : What are you, a fag? Jimmy Dix : No, I'm just trying to break the ice. Joe Hallenbeck : I like ice. Leave it the fuck alone. Jimmy Dix : Oh, you're a lot of fun to be with.

Jimmy Dix : I'm saying again for the cheap seats, Lieutenant.

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That's my fucking statement! Write it down and shove it up your ass. Lieutenant Benjamin Bessalo : I could nail you for obstruction. Jimmy Dix : You couldn't nail a two dollar whore. Jimmy Dix : If you go any faster we're gonna travel back in time. Jimmy Dix : Wow, an actual house. I was thinking a cave with Jimmy Dix : You know, for a dancer, he is one hell of a detective. Jimmy Dix : Shit happens real easy, starts out painkillers, Demerol because your fucking knees are shot, before you know it you're chewing Codeine with your pancakes.

Then a truck comes out of nowhere then you're talking to the God and say, "hey, help me out big guy, I pay taxes, I go to church, What's with this dead wife and kid shit? Nobody else has one, only pro football does. Jimmy Dix : You're a real bastard, ya know that, Joe?

Joe Budden

Joe Hallenbeck : And then some. He'd kill everybody and smoke some cigarettes. Jimmy Dix : Hey, ugly!

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