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  7. The benefits of astral projection and OBE are deeper than most people realize. You will even find your everyday worries and concerns are less important. In short, you will discover a while new and deeper aspect of yourself. Others are seeking insight into healing, and many believe Edgar Casey entered into an OBE state to obtain his healing insights. Others like Albert Einstein and Carl Jung sought these experiences in their search for insight into complex questions.

    What are YOU looking for? Chris Roe places a pair of enormous fluffy earphones over the head of a blonde year-old woman. He then carefully slices a ping-pong ball in half and tapes each piece over her eyes, switches on a red light that bathes the woman in an eerie glow, and leaves the room.

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    After a few moments, a low hum fills the laboratory, and the woman begins to smile as images of distant locations begin to flow through her mind. She says she can sense a group of trees and a babbling brook full of boulders. Standing on one boulder is her friend Jack waving at her and smiling.

    She begins to describe the location to Dr Roe. Half a mile away, her friend Jack is, indeed, standing on a boulder in a stream. Roe, a parapsychologist based at the University of Northampton, is investigating whether it is possible to project your mind to a distant location to observe what is happening there. His early findings suggest that up to 85 per cent of us may be clairvoyant and possess remote viewing abilities.

    And he believes that with only minimum training, we can ALL develop psychic skills. In the 18th century Swedish scientist Emmanuel Swedenborg tried to systematize the study of such experiences. Then in the 19th century the French writer Honore de Balzac predicted the eventual creation of a new science that would study this phenomenon. I have included them to aid those who may wish to do even more research. It would be easy to dismiss such claims as laughable, were it not for the fact that an increasing number of scientists are taking them seriously.

    I consider the evidence for remote viewing to be pretty clear-cut. We are seeing ourselves as more than just our physical bodies, and as connected to the universe through nonphysical dimensions and a holographic web of limitless consciousness.

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    The brilliant Albert Einstein believed we are all passive observers living in a universe in which we had little, if any, influence. John Wheeler, a Princeton Physicist and colleague of Einstein, offers a radically different view of our personal role in the universe. So the old word observer simply has to be crossed off the books, and we must put in the new word participator. This is a radically different interpretation of how we are related to the world we live in.

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    We can no longer think of ourselves as simple onlookers with no effect on the world we are observing. Another colleague of Einstein, the late David Bohm, expanded this even further. He was convinced there are deeper, higher planes of creation that hold a template for what happens in our world, and that it is from these subtler levels of reality that our physical world originates.

    He also has a sense that the universe and everything in it - including you and me - are part of a grand cosmic interconnected web. So, the implications of both modern quantum theory and ancient texts such as the Indian Vedas and the Dead Sea Scrolls suggest that we each operate in unseen realms where we create our own personal blueprints for the reality we see in the visible world. You may now think of yourself as an artist creating your own ever-changing reality from out of the stuff of the universe. So then - why would you NOT want to temporarily put aside the limits of your physical being and travel into this universal web of consciousness and unlimited wisdom?

    Such experiences are often very vivid, resemble everyday waking experiences more than dreams, and always leave an unforgettable impression on the person who experiences them.

    The most common type of experience tends to be involuntary - in which you had no intention of having such an experience. This includes most near death experiences NDEs. Out-of-the-Body OBE refers to the experience of your conscious awareness leaving your physical body to observe the world from an independent and objective point of view. Astral Projection is a more metaphysical and spiritually oriented out-of-body experience, and by definition often assumes the existence of one or more non-physical planes of existence and an associated body beyond the physical body.

    Scientific proof Astral Projection / Out of Body Experience (OBE)

    Astral projection is described in metaphysical and shamanic terms as the spirit, or astral body, leaving the physical body to travel into the spirit world, or astral plane. Many people have reported having the sensation of floating above their body in the hospital, and observing the actions and conversations of the medical personnel below them as an objective observer.

    Remote Viewing Experiences RVs are experiences during which you can witness an object or person from a distant location, then accurately report on the activities of the person or the contents of what was seen during the experience. RV is a field of study and experimentation by many government and military agencies. Soul Travel and Spirit Walking Experiences are related to the practice of shamanism, and can be considered in terms of either astral projection or OBEs. Bilocation refers to the state of being, or to the ability, to be in two places at the same time. This is essential! The Hypnagogic State: As a result of deep relaxation you settle into a state bordering sleep, but with all of your awareness still active.

    The Withdrawal State: All conscious interaction with your physical environment ceases, and any sensory inputs will go unnoticed. Your actual point of separation might be accompanied by a very loud noise. This unusual experience can be startling, but most people feel it is pleasant. Your visual and mental clarity may vary from barely functional to exceptional.

    Or you may have a mental-only clairvoyant awareness of a distant location, or an experience of physical bilocation. Actually, the absence of one or more of these stages is not unusual. On the other hand, you may have a remote viewing-type of experience that does not include a sense of separation from your body, or you may have an experience of deep insight with no reference to your physical state of being or alternate body.

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