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History World History Video Newsletter. As governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, John Winthrop, right, led a theocracy that tolerated no dissent. Philadelphia's Bible Riots of reflected a strain of anti-Catholic bias and hostility that coursed through 19th-century America. More filters. Sort order. Nov 09, Gary rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Those interested in practicing a real, radical Christianity.

Shelves: owned , gutenberg. After reading this book, I heard the song, Amazing Grace. The thought which I had was, what does a man do with the life and love God has given to him? This is the depth of question which this book raises in a reader.

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There are many versions of this book, such as the Real Christianity, edited by James Houston. I read the version from Consequently, it is a harder read than the more modern, sometimes having references and mannerisms more with the times. On the other hand, once I started getting into the book, I believe there was a richness which modern speak does not posses. It is amazing to see how the conditions in Wilberforce's England, in a lot of ways parallel those of modern America.

I do not believe that we are as obnoxious towards evangelical Christians as the English was then. But we are on that road. But in many ways we are like the people Wilberforce wrote this book for—those who claim the name Christian, but do not take the actions of Christ. In this way, the book is convicting.

How Wilberforce asks do we love Jesus? This book will be up there to read, particularly as a devotional. It is to be used as a devotional to lead me to a changed life, which is Wilberforce's intent. It is a book which causes me to search myself and see how I am in my following of Christ. It is this dependence on pardon which drives a real Christian's life. This leads to gratitude and love, not sin and decadence.

A Practical View of Christianity is William Wilberforce's treatise on what exactly makes a person a Christian and contrasting it with what many people claim to be Christianity. His main attack is against Cultural Christianity and he spares no words describing the duplicity and hypocrisy of his day by church-going people who show no respect for the authority of God as revealed through His written Word. His arguments are highly relevant for today since there exists a profound Biblical illiteracy amo A Practical View of Christianity is William Wilberforce's treatise on what exactly makes a person a Christian and contrasting it with what many people claim to be Christianity.

His arguments are highly relevant for today since there exists a profound Biblical illiteracy among too many Christians who seem to be ignorant as to how to conduct their lives in a manner that honors God. While I determinedly plowed through this book with its original manuscript, I highly recommend reading a version with updated language.

Wilberforce is extremely wordy and he takes a long time expressing his ideas, as brilliant as they are. Dec 27, Glory rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: people who identify as Christians. Shelves: christian. This is an important book for anyone claiming to be Christian. It strikes the heart of the issue and tells us who profess this faith to reevaluate what it means to be Christian.

Namely, it is not just being a moral person. Morality has no value without the sense of God's justice that gives it a foundation. It is not just going to church and talking the talk. Christianity is not an external faith, not a hat you can slap on every Sunday. No -- "Christianity is a religion of motives and principles" This is an important book for anyone claiming to be Christian. No -- "Christianity is a religion of motives and principles" Hannah Moore, quoted in Real Christianity.

William Wilberforce is tough and specific. He states without fanfare, but with understanding, the crux of society's problem -- its denial of God and the Christian faith. It's incredible that his idea, published in , can sound so new and relevant. The modernization of language by Bob Beltz is nicely done, though I've not read the original to compare.

The insights in this book are too many to mention. Read it with an open, honest heart and do not put its words to waste, lest you become as Wilberforce so painfully fears -- a "Christian" who doesn't want to really believe what he professes, a "good person" whose character will crumble and die when the hard forces of life beset him. Live you life knowing, as Wilberforce states, that "life is short — eternity is forever!

Jul 17, Jonathan rated it it was amazing. Puts words to so many things I've thought over the years in a way that is challenging yet encouraging. Plus, it was a gift from my parents-in-law, so I have to like it! It's eerie how many parallels there are between the England that Wilberforce writes about and the upper middle class American world that I live in today--he could have easily been writing today.

I'll caution you that he makes some pretty strong claims about the state of Christianity, and you may feel that he is being too extreme I have long been personally convinced, however, that Christianity is a religion of extremism: extreme good, but a good that can only be achieved by complete surrender. This is no self-help book I feel like this review has not done the book justice. Perhaps I'll rewrite it the next time I read it.

In the meantime, if you're feeling like there's something "missing" in your relationship with Jesus, this is a great kick in the pants. Jul 02, Erin marked it as to-read Shelves: biography-memoir , religion.

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I really want to understand his worldview from the man himself and how someone who cared for the poor and underpriveleged, while being so priveleged himself, managed to remain faithful. Unlike so many before and after him, he did not start out well and then get enraptured by wealth, greed, fame and self-interest. His heart was unwavering in his devotion to issues of social justice. He was also no pedestrian, peeking in on the sufferings of others.

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I know too many people who find traveling to poor countries, a chance to enrich themselves. Befriending people who have hard jobs working in the inner city just to admire their fortitude, but not possessing any of their own. I'm really inspired by the singular drive he had to please God, even resisting marriage, unwilling to accessorize himself with anything that would hold him back or encumber his mission.

He and his wife were a good pairing, both passionate about his purpose.