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I can barely hear it but it's from a male singer, almost sounds like hoizer maybe? There's a rap bit in there, another male singer. The beginning of the chorus sounds like " The song wasn't Christian or anything had a semi sad vibe to it tho pls help me out thank you.

Am looking for dj music song start with cool piono song like your all my anna mountain in my dreams so keep my heart is breaking make me belive. Im looking for a song. I can't understand a word of the song. Its not really that known of a song, but if someone finds it out, thanks!! Thanks guys.

I've been searching this song that i heard from the radio. The lyric that i heard is something like " I love you but you I hope i'll find this song and also i need your help. Im looking for a song that sounds similar to the song ride it by Jay Sean but the singer sounds more like massari idk. The only lyrics i remember is "don't let them go" or sth like that. It sounds like a love song, so romantic.

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Anyone know what it is? Looking for a song, male singer, almost hipster-ish. Some lyrics were "I'll be lovin you with all my heart Did you say that you would break". Male singer, some lyrics were softly "I'll be loving you with all my heart" and " till you said that you would break, did you say that you would break". I think it came out around Please, help to find a song. The lyrics I remember is "what's right what's wrong".

The genre is electronic and it sung by a man and woman. Like a techno mix song , hot headed Or something like that I dunno. Hi im looking for the name of the song and the person who sing it. I only know a few words to the song. Its a old song.

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I woudnt give you up for all the gold in the word". Hey guys I'm looking for this song i heard over the radio. It goes something like "Week, week. Could this last forever.. Find song by lyrics I'm looking for a song I don't know the name of. Confie 02 October Reply Hi guys im looking for a song i heard on TV on jet advert so i dont know its name i need help.

Simply RV says 02 October Reply Looking for a female singer song ,which is with full beat and bass and the song is like : Dont let go. Makenzie Johnson 08 October Reply elsa. Aidan Cruddace 03 October Reply hey guys im looking for a song thats a parody of the solid snake game "do you have a name" " a name means nothing on the battlefield" its a relaxing song thats around 2 and a half minutes long.

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OP 03 October Reply Looking for an upbeat, spanish song sung by a guy that has this chorus: no no no no, say no no no. Olivia 05 October Reply Pretty little liars theme song. Anonymous 09 October Reply pretty little liars theme. Joseph 03 October Reply Can someone please tell me the title and the name of the person who sang it. Mercer 03 October Reply I'm looking for a foreign song that has a chorus which starts with a woman saying "ooooohhh viscoma" or something.

Adaugo 03 October Reply I'm looking for a song that says "it's tough for me to let you go, I ain't never gat no peace of mind, stressed out all day and night but I just can't seem to stay away.. Anon 03 October Reply Help!! Alina Renae - It Said.

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Freya 09 October Reply Thank you so much!!!!! Been looking everywhere for it!!! FB 03 October Reply Help please! Daniel 04 October Reply Hi. Giancarla Pettuci 04 October Reply Please help me find this song: pop sound, lyrics by a female vocalist include something like: wasn't hard to love but I just can't seem to find Freya 04 October Reply Yasmin Giancarla Pettuci 05 October Reply Thank you so much!!!

Ramen 04 October Reply Can anyone help me find this song. Anonymous 05 October Reply That's not the song I heard. Dere 04 October Reply tell me the title of this song. Abhijit p. Sule 04 October Reply Hi i'm looking for a song Tan 04 October Reply Please help. Anonymous 09 October Reply ik what you talking about its not a full song yet but its by julio foolio. Ville 05 October Reply Yo, im looking for a song, a male singer, quite easygoing fairly recent one, remembering second line from the chours, If you Take this chance, i'll give you everything Who i am".

Manqoba 05 October Reply I'm looking for a song i don't know it i heard it from the video " Anonymous 05 October Reply I'm looking for this song.

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Anonymous 05 October Reply I am searching for a old black and white song where a person male was singing in it. Edson Msemwa 05 October Reply I am finding a song first heard at , With beat similar to justin timberlake what goes around, See you there, I will be there, You know how hard i Michele 05 October Reply Been trying to find this song since the 70's Edson Msemwa 05 October Reply I dont knw i have an audio recorded just for 40 sexond i dont knw how to post hear someone can hear it and tell me the song. Frank N 05 October Reply I'm looking for a song and that's the 2nd year I've been doing so, please help me : It starts with soft piano notes and a male medium pitch voice, with a bit of flanger effect.

Anonymous 05 October Reply im looking for a song, doubt anyone will know cause its kinda obscure but im trying anyways. Mysterious blubird 05 October Reply I'm looking for a song, where a hot college spoiled girl driving with her gay batchmate driving while the song is playing in the background,..

Anonymous 06 October Reply So this is gonna be a long shot since I don't really remember the lyrics. Autumn Leaves. A Beautiful Friendship. Darling Je Vous Aime Beaucoup. Come Closer To Me. Around The World. Too Young. Answer Me, My Love. Because You're Mine. Nature Boy. For Sentimental Reasons. Ballad Of Cat Ballou.

For All We Know - ( We May Never Meet Again ) The Ray Conniff Singers

Hajji Baba. Magnificent Obsession. Night Lights.