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The collision compacted the three locomotives into a single piece of twisted steel and iron. Passenger cars telescoped into one another. Passengers were thrown from the train or crushed by the debris. The injuries were horrific.

Gatlinburg Fire Map: Smoky Mountain Timeline, Death Toll From Wildfire Destruction And Drought

The passengers in the rear cars responded quickly. Some grabbed shovels and threw snow on the engines, snuffing a potential fire. With only two railroad lanterns for light, guided by the anguished cries of the injured, they hurried to help the victims. A calm young doctor on board commandeered the dining car as a makeshift hospital. Passengers tore sheets and pillowcases into bandages.

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Travelers raided their suitcases, donating whiskey and camphor for the injured. The doctor administered morphine shots.

Blood rendered the floor sticky. The mutilated bodies of the dead were covered with sheets and laid in the snow alongside the tracks. The ultimate toll was 21 deaths, including two entire families with small children; and people seriously injured.

Dozens were killed, and a dam nearly gave way

After scaling Everest, he initially fainted at the summit, according to Pioneer Adventures, a company that organizes trips on the mountain. He collapsed again while descending near Hillary Step and could not be revived. Kulkarni, of India, scaled the peak with her husband, Sharad Kulkarni.

An expedition organizer told The Times of India that Ms. A family friend, Ameet Singh, told the paper that the couple had climbed other mountains together, including Kilimanjaro. Singh said. This is a sad turn of events. Bagwan, of Solapur, India, suffered from acute dehydration and exhaustion on his way down from the summit on May 23, according to the Times of India.

It was his second attempt to climb Everest after falling short five years ago. Das, of Odisha, India, scaled Everest twice, but did not survive the second expedition. The New Indian Express reported that she became ill and died on her way down the mountain, around the balcony area, on May Odisha TV reported she tried to climb the mountain in and , and succeeded in Landgraf was an experienced mountain climber who was in good physical shape, Austrian media reported.

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His trip up Everest had been his final climb of the seven summits. The following day, Mr. Hynes, an Irishman who lived in London, died in his tent at an elevation of about 23, feet, the BBC reported. He had trekked to a higher altitude a day earlier, but decided to turn back, CNN reported. He had previously reached the summit of Everest last year. He was climbing on the Chinese side of the mountain as part of a group led by a Britain-based climbing company, Expeditions. Bista, a Nepali climbing guide, fell while trekking down the mountain on May 24, said Mona Shahab, a Saudi climber and friend.

Mountains, Men & Memories: Death and destruction in Dotsero

Bista did not respond. Shahab called Mr. She noted that he and other guides often climbed to steep heights carrying heavy loads for their clients. Roads were impassable, cut off by debris and landslides, and communications were nearly impossible. Hospitals in Palu were swamped with patients lying on the ground hooked to drips. One woman was about to give birth.

They were being treated outdoors due to continuing strong aftershocks, and many residents in the area were also sleeping outside, too afraid to return indoors. The city was eerily dark and quiet with no electricity and not even landline phones working. A massive yellow suspension bridge crossing an estuary feeding into the bay was toppled — either by the earthquake or tsunami — and left lying on its side in the water. Ismail said he was surprised that a tsunami was generated off the coast of central Sulawesi, which sits on a strike-slip fault, producing earthquakes that typically move in a horizontal motion and do not usually displace large amounts of water.

In contrast, temblors occurring where one tectonic plate is lodged beneath another — called subduction zones — can move large amounts of water vertically when the strain forces one plate to pop up or dive down. While it occurred on a strike-slip fault, he said the part that ruptured was on a small segment that can move in a vertical motion. He said that could have triggered the tsunami, which also could have been created by an underwater landslide.

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