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This is the building where most of its 70 full-time employees work, and it's also a factory where Juicero parts are made and tested. It's a pretty wild operation inside, but I was asked not to take photos of any of the testing facilities. Along the way, there were some strange contraptions lined up against a wall. It turns out they were Juicero prototypes that Evans and his team built before landing on the current model. Left to right is oldest to newest. In November, Evans was replaced by Jeff Dunn. There were 12 prototypes in total.

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The Juicero currently on sale is 16 inches tall, making it a somewhat bulky kitchen appliance that will fit on your countertop but take up a good amount of space. Here's Evans opening the Juicero box. The model is kind of like Tesla, launching with a pricey model then using funds from those sales to figure out a way to create more affordable versions. The Juicero comes with easy instructions: place it on your countertop, plug it in, and make juice.

The Juicero in all its glory. This isn't just any juicer. It syncs with your home Wi-Fi and smartphone, and it squeezes small pouches of fruits and vegetables into full glasses of juice without requiring any prep or cleanup. Unlike a Keurig, it doesn't make you add water. Just stick in a pouch, press a button, and two minutes later your juice is poured.

Evans decided my first glass of juice should be Sweet Greens. The app, as well as the bag, tells you exactly what you're about to drink. There's nothing extra added to the pouches like preservatives or water. It's all fresh produce the Juicero team has washed, chopped, and packaged itself in one of its San Francisco warehouses. Sweet Greens contained an apple, lemon, kale, spinach and pineapple. Evans opened one of the bags before we pressed it into juice so I could see, feel, and taste the contents.

It tasted pretty good and fresh — you could probably eat it with a fork and be pretty satisfied. Each bag has a breathing hole to help the ingredients stay fresh in your fridge. They also have a QR code, which is necessary for the Juicero juicer to work.

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Juicero wanted to learn from mistakes Keurig has made, and one problem Keurig has said that other companies are making pods for its coffee maker and stealing profits. Juicero's QR codes prevent any other companies from making Juicero-like juice bags for its machine. The machine won't work if it doesn't recognize the product it scans. The QR code also has safety benefits. If a pouch has been sitting too long and may have gone bad, for example, the scanned QR code will alert the Juicero, and the machine won't press the juice.

Juicero is also working on biodegradable bags so its pouches won't be harmful to the environment, unlike Keurig's plastic pods. Here's what the Juicero juicer looks like loaded with a pouch. We loaded Sweet Greens, and Evans pushed the only button on the machine to start the pressing process. Here we go! It came out bright and green with zero pulp, even though Sweet Greens has some fiber.

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One glass of this stuff is just 80 calories. We shot a video of the Juicero working its magic while Evans explained that every recipe takes a specific amount of time to pour. Sweet Greens takes just over two minutes to make, while an unreleased wheatgrass shot Juicero is working on takes less than one minute.

Almost ready! At last, I was ready to take my first sip of Juicero juice. I had high expectations. And it was really good! Was it the best thing I've ever consumed? I own a juicer, but it doesn't make anything quite this smooth. Evans said his goal for me was to find myself craving the juice the next day, even though I'm not a big sugar fiend.

China: Bi Luo Chun Green Tea Garden

And I did — just not enough to pay him another visit just to get another glass. Now, let's move on to the sense of hearing.

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  7. Many people assume that this sense is the least important when it comes to food perception. However, sounds derived from our interaction with food—like crunching, slurping, or smacking—but also environmental noise, or any music that might be playing when we eat, can impact our food experiences.

    For instance, noise think of the sound of an airplane cabin seems to impact the perception of taste intensity, such that sweet is perceived as less intense and umami as more intense in a noisy environment. For example, Finnair's chef recently introduced customized soundscapes to accompany and enhance the experience of some of its in-flight meals. British Airways has developed a similar strategy where particular songs from popular artists are suggested as a means to sonically "season" specific dishes. Just as we might prefer to eat an ice cream cone to the sound of chirping birds in a park rather than to the noise of a construction site, sound, as one of many factors in this scenario, can play an important part in the experience of food.

    Have you ever given much thought to the cutlery you use and its impact on your experience?

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    In a recent study, researchers at Oxford University showed that the weight of cutlery used to eat a meal can influence the enjoyment of that very food. The participants that used the heavier cutlery liked the food more than those that used lighter cutlery.

    Of course, this is not to say that cutlery always needs to be heavy for us to enjoy our food. Nonetheless, these findings suggest that seemingly unrelated external variables such as the weight of the cutlery can influence the enjoyment of what we eat.

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    Indeed, based on these ideas, there have been several chefs rethinking the way tableware looks, feels, and sounds in order to customize dining experiences. Eating is one of the most multisensory events of our everyday life. Therefore, it is important for us to become aware of how each of our senses are constantly and unavoidably engaged in this process. When we become aware of the different sensory cues that are involved in these experiences, we may be able to make healthier choices that can impact our eating habits.

    What is more, by taking into account such cues, it is possible to improve the enjoyment of our food. Ultimately, it is up to us how we craft our multisensory eating experiences. This article is first published in BI Marketing Magazine Customers spend less money shopping when the shop is filled to the brim with customers.